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Thank you for purchasing the IACA 200 Series Air Jet Loom Electronic Control System developed and produced by Inovance Technology.
The IACA 200 Series Air Jet Loom Electronic Control System adopts a newly developed digital weft detector and a high-performance chip to fulfill functions like automatic weft sensitivity adjustment and weft image output. It can easily fulfill extended functions through simple settings, including variable-frequency super start, pneumatic fold selvage, electronic dobby, electronic jacquard, electronic let-off (ELO), electronic take-up (ETU), batch winding, eight-color weft selection, automatic oiling, automatic leveling, infrared detection and Internet of Things. Therefore, it is a real high-performance and multi-functional product.

The IACA 200 Series feature products for general purposes and multiple functions. The manual describes mainly based on the latter as some intrinsic functions cannot be fulfilled by products for general purposes. Please read this manual carefully before using (installing, running, maintaining, or checking). Besides, please use the product after understanding the safety precautions.


  • To describe product details, this manual provides diagrams showing the status without a housing or safety cover.
  • Before using this product, install the housing or safety cover as required and refer to the instructions in this manual.
  • Diagrams in this document are used only for function description. The product structure shown in the diagrams may be different from the structure of the product that you purchase.
  • When the product is upgraded or the specifications change, this manual will be updated in a timely manner to improve its accessibility and accuracy.
  • If you need to purchase this manual in case that the original copy is damaged or lost, contact our local agent or our customer service center.
  • If you have any questions regarding the usage of this product, contact our customer service center.

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